Building Community 

& Sharing Joy through the 

Timeless Art of Dance.

In 1984 a senior women’s aerobics class was asked to demonstrate the class in a parade. Other parade invitations followed. Having so much fun, the group decided to add costumes, pompoms to their routines and the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies were born., 

Over the past 38 years, the Grannies have become a beloved staple in Wisconsin parades and perform in approximately 30 parades each year. Our focus on living the second half of life to each person’s fullest potential is a motivating force for members. 

Over the years, we’ve supported more well-known project such as Hunger Task force, Ignite the Spark, Waukesha and Highland Park community funds, and also smaller, local needs for special needs children, veterans, sever weather events. 

In our rebuilding process we are receiving request from women all over the country about how they started a group like the Grannies or local affiliations with the Grannies. And, in 2023 will be working towards partnering and making these request a reality. 

While deeply wounded by the Waukesha parade tragedy, we will not let that define us. And, we will always “Keep on Dancing”. 

Granny Strong and Growing Stronger